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31 Prayers for my Husband


Happy Wednesday, friends! I don’t know about you but I definitely want to be known as a woman of prayer or even a wife of prayer but if I’m being honest praying for my husband isn’t that easy for me. It usually sounds the same and I find myself getting overwhelmed because I know there are SO many aspects of his life that I could cover.  So, for Christmas I decided to order my husband and I these prayer devotionals I came across on Facebook from The Unveiled Wife and The Husband Revolution and they truly have transformed mine and my husbands prayer life for one another. I am so thankful for this devo you guys! The sweetest part is that after every prayer they created a space for me and my husband to write out our own prayer for one another and I feel so loved when my husband lets me read the prayer he wrote out for me. If you and your husband need a little prayer motivation I definitely recommend these devotionals. I’ll give you guys a little peek into this devo by writing out one of the sweet prayers Jennifer shares. You can find Jennifer’s  devotionals here.

“Dear Lord,

You know just how challenging marriage can be. My husband and I experience the ebb and flow of different emotions as we live together in this beautiful covenant of marriage. Our relationship has encountered both good times and more difficult times, joyful moments and painful moments. Yet all of it helps us to understand Your great love all the more! Our marriage specifically shows us the power of Your amazing grace. I pray that we are always humble enough to extend grace to each other. I pray that no root of bitterness will ever find a place in my husband’s heart. For if there were no grace, our marriage would be full of trouble. Thank you Lord for Your gift of grace, for mercy, and forgiveness. Thank You Jesus for exemplifying what grace should look like in marriage. I desire to have an intimate relationship with my husband where we can love extravagantly, be transparent with each other, and be quick to show grace to one another. May You help my husband to truly forgive me in the areas in which I am weak, and may we both be willing to reconcile during moments of conflict. Help my husband and me gift each other extraordinary love through the power of Your amazing grace in Jesus’ name AMEN!”

Why I Started a Lifestyle Blog


Hi and welcome to Darling Darlings!

First off, thank you so much for checking out my new home on the internet. I am so excited to get to share this space with you and I can’t wait to get to know you better!

Blogging and writing have had a special place in my heart for years. It wasn’t until last year that I really got serious and consistent with blogging. February 2015 my friend Kelsey and I started The Radiant Life Blog and lets just say things really took off! Neither of us anticipated for TRL to blow up as quickly as it did. After spending a lot of time in prayer, November of 2015 I decided to step away from The Radiant Life Blog. Kelsey is awesome and is still rocking it out over at TRL and I wish her nothing but the best!

Slowing down was a big reason for leaving TRL and I am so thankful for the months I had to take a break and give my dreams to Jesus and now it’s brought me to this space! I created Darling Darlings to have a place to write and create at my own pace sharing encouragement, travel and adventure, my life happenings as a wife, along with some awesome tips, tools, and guides.

Thanks again for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know you better!