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A Guide to Succeeding as a Blogger



Happy Thursday, friends! I’m super excited that the weekend is almost here and I’m even more excited to share with you this Guide to Succeeding as a Blogger. I created this FREE guide to help with questions or concerns  about where to start regarding Blog Design, Marketing, Disclosure, etc.. This guide is not lengthy but it covers 10 things every blogger should be aware of for succeeding as a blogger. To get access you’ll have to sign up to my Blog Tips Mailing List.


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Kimono Love

part time hippie



Shirt c/o Bikini Bird / Kimono F21 / Jeans Pac Sun

 This outfit my friends has been my jam. Give me a pair of jeggings, a comfy t-shirt (literally obsessed with this one), and a kimono any day! I’ve been living in all three lately but I seriously cannot stop buying kimonos. Has anyone else been as obsessed with kimonos as I’ve been? I have this one in two different colors and a floral pattern as well. My motto is if you’re having trouble deciding what to wear throw a kimono on it!

10 Things Every Girl Should Have at Her Desk

10 Things Every Girl Should Have at Her Desk

Because there are just some things that every girl needs at her desk!

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  • Planner

If you have a desk you most certainly need a planner handy to keep up with your schedule especially while sending emails that consist of planning meetings, coffee dates, etc.. It’s also a good idea if you’re a blogger to have an editorial calendar either on your computer or at your desk. Click here for an awesome affordable planner.

  • Flowers / Plant

I am a firm believer in flowers and greenery, I just think they are so life giving. You can give your desk a more feminine vibe by adding a vase of pink or white flowers or make it more bohemian by adding a few succulents. This girl went with both!

  • Hair Ties

This one is a time saver. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted searching for a hair tie! Buy a bundle of hair ties and put them in your extra coffee mug or your desk drawer.

  •  Coffee Mugs

Just one isn’t enough! You’ll want one to hold some of your office supplies (pens, pencils, etc.) and the other ready to be filled with your favorite coffee or tea. Do yourself a favor and head on over to Anthropologie and treat yourself with one of their infamous monogrammed mugs!

  •  Chargers & Ear Buds

Another time saver! Don’t waste time searching for your charger or ear buds keep extras at your desk. You never know when your phone may die or when you need those ear buds to jam out to your favorite song of the moment.

  •  Reusable Glass Water Bottle

Of course you need to keep water at your desk to stay hydrated but you should also invest in a reusable glass water bottle. Not only are glass bottles Eco-friendly they are also perfect for adding a few drops of essential oils. Lemon and lime essential oils are my favorite ones to add to my water. This glass bottle here is my fave!

  •  Scented Candle / Essential Oils

There’s nothing better than cranking out some work while taking in the scent of the yummiest candle or essential oils. You can choose something refreshing like eucalyptus or something calming like lavender when you’re feeling a little stressed.

  • Blanket / Rug

Having a fluffy rug under your feet or a cozy blanket behind your back while working will make your work space feel more comfortable and more like a haven. You want to create a space that makes you feel good when you sit at it because this literally is your work sanctuary and creating the right vibes will help you work more efficiently. This blanket here is the comfiest!

  • A Framed Print

To help add a little personality and inspiration to your work space a cute framed print is a must! A friend of mine cross stitched the phrase “thug life” in pink and it’s on my desk in a cute vintage frame. It’s fun and it always makes people giggle a little when they see it. Find a piece that you love to add a bit of character to your desk!

  • Snacks

You never know when you may need a quick pick me up so having a few snacks at your desk is essential for keeping your energy levels up and your creative juices flowing. Almonds and Lara Bars are a favorite of mine!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this list of 10 Things every girl should have at her desk.

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Hey guys! One of my goals this year is to really spend time renewing my mind in the word of God everyday. I love how refreshed I feel after reading and I notice a huge difference in my attitude. This morning I opened up my Jesus Lives devotional ( check it out here ) and I LOVED the verses that went along with the message and wanted to share the encouragement with you because we all need these little reminders of truth every now and then.


** “It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone.” Ephesians 1:11-12

“‘For in him we live and move and have our being.'” As some of your own poets have said, “‘We are his offspring.'” Acts 17:28

“Long before he laid down earth’s foundations, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love, to be made whole and holy by his love.” Ephesians 1:4 **


Shirt c/0 Caralase

I don’t know about you but just reading those verses fill my heart with joy. It’s amazing that the creator of the world created each and every one of us for a purpose. Hope you guys are having a wonderful Tuesday!

5 Ways to get Serious about Blogging

5 ways to get serious about blogging

Whether you’ve been blogging for years or just starting out, there comes a time when you need a little motivation and a little push to get more serious about your blog. I’ve created this small list of tips in hopes that they will help hold you accountable in your blogging journey and inspire you to keep creating.  If you find this post helpful please share with your friends or just simply hit the Facebook like button above. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Create a Work Space Other than Your Bed

Don’t get me wrong I love my bed and for the longest time I did all of my writing and blogging from my bed.  While I love being super cozy when I write, I also know that I need a space that is organized and just meant for me and my blog. I ordered a writing desk a month or so ago (check it out here ) for like $50 and it has transformed my productivity. I am a procrastinator at heart but once I sit down at my desk I am there to get stuff DONE.

  • Start an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is basically just a calendar for your blog. This is an awesome way to plan your posts ahead of time and to have a visual of what your plans are for the current month and months to come. I think an editorial calendar is a wonderful idea for every blogger, it’s an excellent way to help turn those dreams you have for your blog into goals and then, into reality!

  • Set “Blog” Hours

Setting blog hours is a must especially if you’re like me and you do your blogging from home. While blogging is certainly a hobby I also consider it a second job because of the time I put in to it. I have set hours at the Salon I do hair at so why wouldn’t I have hours set aside for blogging?  I’ve devoted a window of time on Tuesday’s and Thursdays for creating content for Darling Darlings. Now don’t get me wrong I definitely have times where something comes up and I’m not able to do it and in that case I’ll usually pull a late night but I try my best to stick to a schedule and it really has made a difference in the value of the content I create.

  • Connect with Other Bloggers

Having a community of other bloggers is beneficial in so many ways and it will most definitely help get you more serious about blogging. When I meet with other like minded bloggers or friends we bounce ideas off of one another, dream together, and we always leave feeling more inspired. Connect with someone local through Instagram or Facebook and try to start meeting up weekly or monthly and watch the creativity begin to flow!

  • Guest Post on other Blogs

Collaborating with other bloggers is a great way to help you get more serious about blogging because not only are you making new friends but you’re also reaching a totally different audience which will help you grow your readership. So you’re getting accountability to put out great content and also great connections in the blogosphere.

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Women Making an Impact 


Hey guys! I’m so pumped to share with you all the first post from my Women Making an Impact Category.  This column is meant to inspire all women. I have always had a heart to encourage and inspire others through writing and I know so many people that have amazing stories to share so this space was created to introduce you to God fearing women who are making an impact in their every day life. Pour yourself some coffee (or your favorite wine), get cozy, and enjoy this post from my sweet friend Halie.


“All the “hustle” in the world doesn’t matter if the Lord isn’t leading the business.”
-Hayley Morgan

Dear Reader,

 My name is Halie Hampton. I was born and raised here in Nashville, TN and I’m a Music Industry Professional by day and a Lifestyle Blogger by night. I was thrilled when Kendall asked me to guest blog for her this week on a topic as important as this one. SO many wonderful ladies in the blogging community, Kendall included, have had a huge impact in the development of not only my blog, HopefullyHalie, but in the development of me personally as a woman of God as well.

 So last year was an absolute whirlwind for me! The Lord brought two VERY wonderful and important things to my life. The first thing He gave me was a curiosity to learn about and dive into blogging. Truly, I knew nothing about it. All I knew was that I loved to read columns I stumbled upon every once in a while and I loved getting fashion ideas from accounts I followed, etc. But as far as getting started..or what to blog about…or what website to even go to in order to launch a blog, I had no clue where to begin. Luckily, Cassie Kelley, a friend I had made in the Industry, happened to be one of the biggest Blogging names in our community, running a blog called “Womanista“! So, I reached out to Cass and asked if I could take her to lunch and pick her brain. The best advice she gave to me was “Just start. You don’t have to know what you’re doing or even exactly what your blog is going to focus on, because honestly over time it will change. You just have to start.” So, that’s what I did. I would say it took me a fair eight months to really get the content and look/feel where I wanted it to be. I wanted it to be a space that was reflective of many different parts of life that I touched every day and wanted to share with other people. So instead of choosing a certain niche like Fashion, I decided HopefullyHalie was going to be a lifestyle blog! Some days you may get some great Makeup Tips that are working for me, some days you may get a recap of an event I planned or attended, or some days you may get AWESOME giveaway opportunities or chances to snag discounts with whatever Brand I may be partnering with that week, it’s always going to be different. But one thing about my blog that will forever remain the same is that it is centered around my Faith. Cassie always told me to stay true to myself in my blogging journey, and that has stuck with me. I LOVE to write. It’s one of the main reasons I knew I wanted to begin blogging. I truly believe that sharing our stories and experiences have a REAL impact on other people. There is such power in kindness and reminding people that they are not alone. I love that about this life. You have the power to positively impact someone’s life because of the gifts the Lord has given you. Don’t ever waste that.

 The second thing the Lord brought me last year? Tom.

After a pretty devastating relationship ending the beginning of last year, I was like so many women are after that happens: ready to throw in the towel! (Okay, I’m being a tad dramatic). But I certainly was not out looking for love. Here’s a great lesson to learn, and the earlier you learn it the better off you will be: Our timing doesn’t matter because God’s timing is perfect. I may not have thought my heart was ready to believe in love again, but the Lord knew that THIS Man was the answer to so many of my prayers and nothing, not even the fact that we lived 2,000 miles away from each other was going to stop it from happening. And boy, am I SO thankful that His plans and timing are so much greater than mine are. Tom and I have now been together for 8 months and He will definitely be my husband one day. (SO fun to type that). Our relationship even inspired a four-week series on the blog called “Dating Through Distance.” Essentially it is breaking down 4 different components that get Tom and I through our days when we are away from each other and it has been SUCH a blessing to see the response already to this series. Our relationship and circumstances are hard. There’s no way to sugar coat that! But the Lord has really been at the forefront of helping me cope and also has helped me to write these posts. It’s been so cool to hear from other people that have gone through or are currently going through a long distance or Military relationship. My hope is that they find comfort in the posts and realize that they aren’t alone. And that’s not just my hope in this series alone, it’s my hope people find comfort and encouragement through many things throughout the posts of HopefullyHalie.



Things to do in Nashville

Things to do in Nashville

For Eats








Other fun places to hangout

Murals for some great Photo Ops 

  • DCXV at Center 615 — location is the east side of Center 615’s building.
  • I believe in Nashville — several locations: Marathon Music Works, Riverside Village on the side of Mitchell Deli, and 12 South next to Edley’s.
  • Import Flowers — Right on Murphy Road off of West End as you hit Sylvan Park on the side of the old Import Flowers building.