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Kindness is Power: Carissa’s Story 

Today I’m sharing on a very important topic and something many kids have experienced in school. October is National Bullying Prevention Month and most of us can say at some point in our life we’ve been bullied but Carissa’s story is a little different. She’s experienced being bullied for something there’s currently no cure for. She suffers from eczema and was relentlessly bullied due to her condition. I want to share Carissa’s story because no child should be bullied especially not for a disease with no cure.

Carissa was treated at the Avene Hydrotherapy Center in the southwest of France where she’s made immense progress. Please take a moment to visit to hear Carissa’s full story or click here to watch the video! 

Cooler Days 

My favorite thing about Fall is the cooler temperatures because like I said in my last post, I love layering! I can never put my summer dresses away throughout winter because I literally wear them year round with layers. I also love this weather because I can still wear my favorite shorts with some ankle boots a tee and sometimes even a chunky knit sweater. 

This look is a go to for me and these shorts are super comfortable and I can’t get enough of the distressed look. It kind of makes the look seem a little more casual and I like that! These shorts are a steal under $20 and you can find them here. Have a great week you guys!