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Thank you for stopping by and welcome to Darling Darlings!

I started Darling Darlings in January 2016 and created this page to be able to share where the name comes from.  My late grandmother who I called “Don Don” (my version of Darling Darling when I was a little girl) has impacted my life in so many ways especially my love for Jesus. Anytime I would hug her or sit next to her she would smile and call me Darling Darling. Not only me but ALL of her grand kids, she said it so much that most of us grand kids call her our own version of Darling Darling.

This blog was inspired by her and dedicated to her. Darling Darlings is my virtual home, the place where you’ll find my thoughts (and sometimes my hubby’s) and our life happenings. I hope that Darling Darlings will be a place you frequent to become inspired and encouraged to life a life full of joy and love as those two are favorites of mine. So, grab a cup of joe, introduce yourself, and let’s get to know each other a little better!

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  1. Morning Kendall! I just came across your blog. What a BEAUTIFUL site! I began my blog, Broken But Adored, in February 2016. I am totally still fleshing my vision out – where as your blog looks ahhhmazing already! I cannot wait to follow along.

  2. You have a beautiful soul, it resonates through your words and the way you reach out to others <3 My grandmother made a huge impact in my life as well, although she passed when I was little, and often think of her as my guardian angle. I'm so glad we've connected through IG and look forward to following along in your journey~XOXO P

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