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I get questions every now and then about what my favorite tools are for blogging so I created this resource page to share them with you guys.  Below you’ll find some of my favorite apps, cameras, web designers, learning tools, and more!  This page contains affiliate links which means I may get a small commission if you make a purchase  however, everything listed I recommend because they have personally been beneficial to me as a blogger.

Blog Platform

I am all the way!  I’ve also used Blogger and but the functionality I get from has been so much better than any other platform I’ve used. If you are a new blogger you can definitely start out with and you can transfer over to but if you’ve been in the blogging game a while and you’re ready for more options I would definitely go with There are so many plug-ins that allow you to do almost anything with your blog. To start on you will first need to find a host.

Web Hosting

I use Host Gator to host my blog and so far I have had a great experience with them. If you are a new blogger and need a host for your blog or if you are considering switching over from blogger to I highly recommend Host Gator and right now they have a special going on for St. Patty’s day. You can use the code PADDY2016 for 60% off a new hosting package or if you missed the special use my code DarlingDarlings25 for 25% off your hosting package.

Web Design

I’ve worked with both of these web designers over the last year and both are very easy to work with and they make sure you get exactly what you want out of your website.

Email Newsletter

There are many options when it comes to an email newsletter but just starting out I definitely recommend using Mailchimp. It’s free, easy to customize, and has plenty of helpful features.

Learning Tools

Skillshare is my jam! Skillshare is a learning community for creators. Youtube is awesome for learning but Skillshare is on a whole different level. It was created for creative people and it has definitely enhanced my creativity! Through Skillshare I’ve learned how to operate Photoshop, get my website running, and so much more. They currently have an awesome deal for a membership, only .99 cents for your first 3 months. You can learn more about it here.

Both of these websites are full of free helpful information about blogging, branding, and growing your audience.

 Cameras and Photo Editing

I use my iPhone 6 for alot of my pictures on my Instagram and on my blog. It’s amazing how good of photos our iPhones can take but I will say that editing plays a big factor so next listed is my FAVORITE app for editing my iPhone pictures.

Snapseed is by far my favorite app to use when editing my pictures on my iPhone. The best part about Snapseed is the selective feature that allows you to edit only a portion of the photo that needs re-touching. Check out the photo in this post that I edited using Snapseed.

When my husband takes pictures of me or when we go on trips, we usually always take the Nikon D3100. I love this camera because it’s not super expensive yet it takes beautiful photos.

I’m a Photoshop beginner and the more I learn the more I like Photoshop. I definitely recommend watching a few tutorials first if you’re like me and new to the Photoshop world.

Nashville Photographer

When I shoot with a professional photographer Catherine is my go to. She is so kind and so amazing at what she does. She shoots my photos with her Canon 5d Mark II. You can see some of the shots she’s done for me here and here.


Other Tools I Use

When I want to add text to my photos Word Swag is my favorite because it is so easy to use and has plenty of fonts to play around with.

The 365 Happy Planner is my favorite! It’s inexpensive and has plenty of writing space for each day.

I am a firm believer that every blogger should have a desk. Now don’t get me wrong I love blogging from my bed but I also LOVE being able to have a work space that is just for me and my blog. This desk is not only cute but it’s priced well and it inspires me to sit down and crank out some work!

When I don’t want to carry my computer around I keep my iPad handy in my purse and I actually get so much done using it!  In fact last year the iPad was primarily what I used to blog.

Helpful Posts About Blogging

Thanks for checking out the tools I use to blog! Let me know if there is anything you have a question about.

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