Can you help me start a blog?

I get lots of emails from people asking about starting their own blog and I’d love to help so I’ve created a Tips, tools, & Guides Category just for that! Click here for more info.


Where did the name Darling Darlings come from?

The name is so dear to my heart! Click here to read all about how Darling Darlings came about.


Can we meet up for coffee? 

Yes and no! There may be times when I’m able to have a coffee date with an engaged reader and other times when working another job, being a wife, and a mom to two big fur babies just gets BUSY and it’s not possible. It’s my hope that this little space will be like a virtual coffee date!


What do you do when you’re not blogging?

When I’m not creating content for this blog, I spend four days out of the week working at an AWESOME hair salon with some truly amazing people and when I’m not there you’ll find me either spending time with my husband and our pups or friends and family.


Can you feature me or my product on your blog?

I love collaborating with other bloggers and brands! Visit my Sponsorship page here for more details.


What places do you recommend I visit when I’m in Nashville? 

I live right outside of Nashville but still love offering suggestions of places to see. Click here for my list of favorite places to have lunch, grab ice cream, some awesome murals and more!


How else can I connect with you?

The best way to see my day to day life is through snapchat @ddarlings or instagram @darling.darlings



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