Necessity of Seasons 


I’ve played this video over and over and I tear up a little bit each time I watch it. I’ve been a fan of the Helser’s for years and their music always speaks to my heart and makes me want to go deeper with Jesus because it’s so evident that they have such a sweet intimate relationship with Him. The video above is titled “Necessity of Seasons” it’s not long at all and so worth your time especially if you’ve ever been/feel like you are in a season of barrenness. I love what Melissa says about the trees being so rooted that they know they will bloom again. Just hearing that reminds me to stay rooted in Jesus and His word and to trust and be confident in Him.

Those hard seasons feel like the worst but I truly believe that even in the midst of the most difficult, unfruitful, and least productive season God has something in store for us. It’s not easy to have this perspective during those times but for me I have to remember that God sees the bigger picture that I can’t see.  I have to remember that sometimes it’s even in the difficult seasons that we can touch peoples lives the most and the Helser’s are such proof of that. Watch the video check out their music and I think you’ll see what I mean!



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  1. That video is so encouraging and filled with wisdom! May we be rooted in Jesus and his word and nothing else, because it will fade away!

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